Medical Concierge Program is structured to provide subscribers personalized medical responses when needed.

Included in your subscription are:

  • Annual checkup (excluding lab)
  • Annual PapSmear (excluding pathology)
  • US/Canadian prescriptions transcribed for local pharmacy
  • Patient Advocacy (communication assistance)
  • 24/7 medical inquiries with Drs.
  • Emergency House calls

About the service providers.

Dr. Jorge Salinas, a general surgeon, is fluent in English language, and his spouse, Dra. Carmen Alcantra is Loreto’s only OB/GYN. They have a 2-year-old daughter and are expecting their second child in February. Since August 2016, they have been providing medical services to all of Loreto, and the community is extremely lucky to have such qualified professionals.

Like many of us, they have fallen in love with the paradise of Loreto, and believe it’s a wonderful place to raise their family. With their compensation for their professional efforts being paid by the government, their combined incomes fall short of their meager monthly expense needs, and unless circumstances change they will be forced to relocate. In order to assist them, we have put together a medical concierge program to provide them with additional income so that they may better meet their financial needs for raising a family. This is not a donation, you are paying for services that you will receive by joining MCP.

Most importantly, by joining the MCP, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that you have access to two extremely qualified and talented physicians 24/7.


Pricing Structure

  • 4-month minimum
  • Single $25.00 USD/month
  • Couple $40.00 USD/month

Contact information

Sherry Foken

Cherie Myrick