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Your CSA food basket just got a whole lot better! 
For only $280.00 MX (less than $12) per week, you can feed a family (4 persons) in need in this time of crisis in Loreto. The boxes will contain from 12 to 17 varieties of fresh veggies and fruits from the Sierra La Giganta. There is over 9 participating ranches in San Javier for this effort. So you help two important parts of our economy. Firstly, you support the local producers providing fresh heirloom organic crops and secondly, you are helping economically stressed Loretanos families in need. For 6 weeks the cost is $1680.00 MX pesos or 70 USD. We will start supporting families with children with autism who are already economically stressed and their children who tend to be the most vulnerable to flu virus because of difficulty in balanced diets (there are close to 75 families with autism in Loreto). If we have more donations, then we will start with other folks in need in the community of Loreto.
Please deposit or make your donation HERE and write “CSA Donation to Families in Need”  in the comments section. Momentum realty has kicked off the program by supporting 10 families, even just by supporting one family together we will make an incredible difference to this community.

What happened with the donating veggies & fruits for families in need?

Seven weeks ago amidst coordinating with 12 ranches, volunteers and members of the Community Supported Agriculture of San Javier, Tracy Collingridge from Momentum Realty in Loreto Bay asked what if we bought from the ranchers and gave to families in need? Keep reading the full story!