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Impact of COVID-19 in Loreto Real Estate and general information

By Momentum Realty /1st. Episode

For real estate, the fall/winter high season was booming, proving to be one of the strongest resale and new home markets Loreto Bay has ever seen; that is, of course, until mid-March, when the coming ramifications of COVID-19 swept this part of the world almost overnight, including Loreto Bay and the town of Loreto.

At Momentum Realty, we provide access to the best quality Loreto real estate, with homes available for both for sale and rent. We are determined to help you find your dream home here in Loreto Bay or one of our neighbouring communities!

Second. Episode – Impacto de COVID-19 en Real Estate en Loreto e información general.

Enjoy the Spanish language second episode from Momentum Realty by Claudia Juárez! She is talking Real Estate and some general information from Loreto.


Third Episode.- Can I own property in Mexico?

This is one of the first questions often asked by foreigners. The answer is a resounding YES! Homebuyers from Canada and the United States are familiar with purchasing a property through the process of “Transfer in Fee Simple.” While much of the process of buying a property in Mexico is similar to this, there are a few minor differences. Please find here a brief explanation of the legal means and process for foreigners to invest in a property for residential purposes in Mexico.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy doing it!.


Fourth Episode.- Why did you choose Loreto Mexico?

Join us to listen to Claudia Juarez, Momentum Realty realtor, hosting a nice interview with Kathy Randall, new Loreto Town Homeowner.

Kathy tells us about her buying experience during COVID-19, how she traveled to Loreto, Mexico, how got to discover this wonderful paradise, and also, what is her advice to those who have in mind to buy a property in Loreto, Mexico.


Fifth Episode.- Loreto Bay not just for the young at heart!

Join us one more time to listen to a spectacular story about Megan Bigelow and her family! How they find this amazing paradise to live, how they decide to move to Loreto for work during COVID-19 time, why Loreto Bay is an incredible walkable environment for kids, and how they are enjoying so much living here because life in Loreto is like living every day as a vacation!



Sixth episode.- An interesting story about buying a house in Loreto Bay!

Join Karen and her mom Marilynn to go through this amazing story about how they starting to come to Loreto and decide to purchase a house in this beautiful paradise. Marilynn will talk about how Loreto was 30 years ago, and how she can perceive now. We love this kind of story! What is yours?.

Do you have any stories to share with us?

First episode.- Second Season /Great news from Loreto Bay this 2021!!

Drink a coffee with the Momentum team and listen to the new updates about Loreto Bay, new flights, the Real Estate market, and much more!

The Village of Loreto Bay boasts charming walkable stone slate streets, surrounded by lush gardens.  It enjoys natural open spaces with beautiful and colourful villas and scenery.  One can partake in the plethora of activities named above or just head to the beach and spread out on a blanket and enjoy the delights of the Sea of Cortez!

Second Episode.- Second Season /Loreto the secret is out!

The west coast of North America has enjoyed our hidden gem of Paradise for many years now, however  with the new American Airlines flights jetting to Loreto several times a week, it has opened up travel options to this area from many other parts of the US and Canada.  While Canadians have been in quarantine lock down, Americans have been snapping up most of the real estate opportunities.  Our recommendation is “Don’t hesitate”.. Don’t wait much longer!! If you have been on the fence regarding buying in Loreto, now is the time to seize the “Momentum” and contact us as  prices  are escalating weekly.


Third Episode.- Second Season /Property Management Service by Momentum Luxury Rentals.

Listen a good conversation with Momentum and Kdrone film team about the property manager service , the best time to rent a property, and what kind of luxury experiences Momentum is offering! Momentum Luxury Rentals offer guidance throughout the property management process and carefully selected professionals deliver full service in home maintenance, monthly bills, building maintenance, and more.

Hire a professional to take good care of your home!

Fourth Episode.- Second Season /Building a property in Loreto Bay, Mexico!

Join us to hear all about building a new home in Loreto Bay, Mexico! , what you need, how the market currently is, and who contact in case of remodeling in Loreto Bay. Thanks to our guest Darryl Jones. Darryl Jones has been building luxury custom homes in Loreto Bay for over 10 years. He is also the developer of Dos Puentes, a small Loreto Bay town home development that come with garages and start at $375,000 USD.


Fifth Episode.- Second Season /Danzante Bay and Momentum Realty!

In this new episode, Tracy Collingridge from Momentum Realty invites Jim Buckley – Sales & Marketing director from Danzante Bay and Blake Fassero – Sales Associate from Danzante Bay to talk about the first residential neighborhood “El Cardon” , this residential neighborhood has golf and mountain landscapes , secluded yet accessible and it is some steps away from the Homeowner’s Beach Club in Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico.



Sixth Episode.- Second Season /Golf in Loreto, Mexico and Danzante Bay by Momentum Realty!

Loreto, Mexico is one of the best places in the world to golf!. Enjoy playing on mountains-meet-desert-meets-ocean courses that will challenge players of all abilities! Only 20 minutes down the highway on a world class site along the east coast of the Baja Penisula, Danzante Bay offers a brilliant and multi-themed 18-hole golf course that runs over and through valleys, arroyos, dunes and foothills.

This remarkable golf course is enveloped in panoramic vistas that show off the natural beauty of the region. From every angle the Sierra de Giganta mountain range takes your breath away, all the while this challenging course increases the drama with holes that hang over Danzante Bay and the Sea of Cortez. Listen to Tracy Collingridge from Momentum Realty and Blake Fassero from Danzante Bay talking about this remarkable place for play golf and live, discover the features of “El Cardon” Luxury property of $2,600,000 USD.

Seven Episode.- Second Season /Let´s talk about Real Estate with the Momentum Team!

Listen to these four successful women in real estate today in Loreto, Mexico! Tracy , Dee, Pam and Claudia talks about the Market in Loreto Bay and Loreto town, and If you’re picturing living in stunning Loreto, there are now so many more options buying property, especially for water lovers and boat owners. If you’re not a Mexican citizen and aren’t sure how you can own property here, you can read our blog post with tips for foreign buyers, or just call us directly and we will be happy to answer all your questions. WE ❤️ love to help people navigate through the process.


1st. Episode.- Third Season /Thinking of vacationing in Loreto Mexico next year…?

Listen to Tracy Collingridge, Jimena Gallegos and Paola Yanez discuss the best time frame for booking high season rentals, to achieve the home that best suits you and your family or friend’s needs.  In this video they outline the available homes for rent, and the luxury services that are most in demand.  They will enlighten you as to why travelers are booking now, as opposed to later, in order to ensure their dream vacation is locked in and at the best achievable rate.

Our Loreto Luxury Vacation Rental Team experts are dedicated and passionate to ensuring they deliver an outstanding experience for each and every rental.  Their expertise and diverse services offer a plethora of concierge services to include ordering a private chef, cleaning services, boat excursions etc. The Momentum Luxury Rental Team is ready and waiting to accommodate all your rental accommodations and are just a call away.

2nd. Episode.- Third Season /What made you decide to move to Loreto Bay?

Listen Tracy Collingridge with Allison and Brian ,recent homeowners in Loreto Bay, Mexico since 18 months now. Allison and Brian had a succesful life in Santa Barbara, California and they decide to move to Loreto because they love the scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez, explore new areas for hiking and interact with the local community. This lovely couple describe Loreto as a beautiful, charming and authentic Mexican town.


3rd. Episode.- Third Season /Merry Christmas from Loreto Bay, Mexico!

Join us to listen this nice chat with Tracy, Jimena and Claudia, about the past month Real Estate market and Loreto Bay rentals.  The“Momentum” of our business continues to grow and expand exponentially over last year . The 3 Momentum offices shall continue to offer the quality of service and expertise of the past with yet more locations for clients and prospective clients to discover the Momentum experience. Don´t forget to follow in our social media channels and check our new listings in Loreto Town and Loreto Bay, Mexico!

4th. Episode.- Third Season / Beachfront luxury estate home… Casa del Caballo de Mar “House of the Seahorse” in Loreto, Mexico!

Come Visit the Magical City of Loreto and live the dream in Luxury.

Learn more about this outstanding and conspicuous Spanish, Mediterranean Estate home positioned on 1.1 acres with 165feet of beachfront, this luxurious home offers over 10,000 sq ft of luxurious interior living and over $9000 sq ft of exterior living spaces . This magnificent beachfront property is only a 10-minute beach walk away from the Malecon and shops and dining experiences of Loreto. Combine the views of the Sea of Cortez and the Sierra de Giganta Mountain Range with this quaint community, you will have your own fabulous slice of paradise, namely Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Contact Momentum Realty today. 

5th. Episode.- Third Season / Experience the perfect combination of ingredients, textures, and flavours in each dish from Ocotillo Restaurant by Cordelia Resort & Spa.

Listen to Tracy Collingridge and Everardo Gracida, talking about Ocotillo Restaurant by Cordelia Resort & Spa. The time has come! Ocotillo restaurant has opened in our up and coming Cordelia Resort & Spa. Fusion Baja Sur-Mexican cuisine, truly unique in Nopolo. Experience the perfect combination of ingredients, textures, aromas, and flavours in each dish from the traditions of the Loreto Baja California Sur and Mexico regions. Ask for our wine collection from our menu with wines from Mexico’s most desired wine houses. Complement your palate with wines from Valle de Guadalupe, Guanajuato, and Queretaro and try our Cordelia assembly house wine, produced especially for us.

So, gather your loved ones, invite your friends, and join us at Ocotillo Restaurant for an unforgettable dining experience. Let us serve you our signature dishes made with love and passion.Thank you for your continued support and loyalty. See you soon!


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