Loreto Bay Expert

Tracy Collingridge – Owner Broker

Tracy is an accomplished real estate professional with over 17 years experience. She brings a positive and competent attitude to everything she does. Naturally a leader, she brings great determination to the real estate process while ensuring a high level of integrity throughout. Tracy has been involved with a number of luxury resort real estate developments in Canada, USA, and Mexico, and has had the good fortune of working with some of the best sales and marketing companies in the business. From this, and as a long time homeowner in Loreto, she is confident that she can meet her client’s needs and exceed their expectations.

When not working, Tracy can can be found with her partner Jeff, and daughter, Jayla, out enjoying all the benefits that come from living on the Baja. She believes that a balance between selling the dream and living the dream is the key to a successful lifestyle and career.

Tracy very much looks forward to helping her clients and their families make their real estate dreams come true. Recently, Tracy got her real estate license 2020 by Red de Conocer Mexican evaluation and certification entity.


+52 (613) 105 4397                                     



Dee Wise – Realtor

Dee was born in Cincinnati and moved to Portland, Oregon at the age of 22. After earning a BA in Social Work, she worked with families and children in the field of adoption for fifteen years. Dee learned a lot about the world of business and marketing when she became a recruiter for an executive search firm. Having grown up in a family of realtors, it was no surprise that she eventually began selling houses. She received her Oregon license in 2000.

Dee divides her time between Loreto and Portland, living and working in Loreto from November to May. The diverse natural beauty, social, economic and cultural experiences of Mexico have always fascinated her and drew her to this historic seaside town. She enjoys Spanish lessons, community events and activities, local food, kayaking and spending time at the beach with her Mexican dog, Sophie. Helping the dogs of Loreto is also a cause close to her heart. She was instrumental in developing SOAR (Supporting Oregon Animal Rescue) which sends dogs from Loreto to shelters in Portland. She also volunteers with Animalandia and is a member of the Loreto Optimist Club.

Dee is committed to creating honest and professional relationships in a community she truly loves.




+1 (503)891-9473 US

Claudia Juárez – Realtor

Claudia it’s a profetional Realtor with close to six years expericne in Real Estate. She came to be part of the Momentum Real Estate’s team when this amazing company opened its doors back in November 2019 (Now Coldwell Banker – Momentum Realty).
Claudia was born in Guadalajara , Jal. México, she has been living in Loreto for more than 10 years. She arrived to this beautiful Magic Town hired by the National Marine Park since she is a Marine Biologist by carreer. As a Bilingual Agent Claudia is very enthusiastic to help foreigners and nationals clients to find their dream property in this tranquile and safe part of the world . When Claudia is not at the office she is spending time with her 3 year old son and her 6 year old daughter. Family is very important for her, is one of her loving motivations to work evryday as well one of the many reasons is very important for her to find the RIGHT place for the new families coming to Loreto to creat GREAT memories with and among the love ones




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Spanish – English

Pam Mitchell – Realtor

Experience Matters! I’m passionate about helping people and I’m passionate about real estate. I’ve been selling real estate in Vancouver, Canada for over 15 years and I’m excited to bring my passion and expertise to Loreto Bay! I’m grateful to Tracy Collingridge and the Momentum Realty Team for this fantastic opportunity. I look forward to sharing my experience with you!




+1 (604) 828-7266 / +52 613-125-7519



Jennifer Murillo – Office Manager

From Loreto, with over 9 years of experience in customer service and Property Management service allow me to ensure high level of service and a smooth operation of the company.
My current role is assisting the sales team and administrative duties.
I love to be part the challenging role and look forward to learning something new every day.




+52 (613) 105 0810

english /spanish

Kdrone Film & Photo

Kdrone film is a phography and marketing company currently located in Loreto, Mexico. Our services are aerial and terrestrial photograpy, aerial and terrestrial videography, development and web design, growing marketing strategies, community manager and social media management.

Kdrone film has more than 6 years of experience in the tourism & gastronomy photography sector and wild life photography,

Kdrone film Team:

  • José Cheires – CEO & photographer
  • Jimena Gallegos – COO & web design and marketing
  • Jaime Hernández – Videographer and 2nd. camera
  • Helden Vélis – IT & web development
  • Erandi León – Designer
Contact us!

+52 (44) 41 7466 45

+52 (624) 1500321


Spanish – English

Ernesto Antonio Elías Elizondo – Attorney – First Mexican Title

Co-Founder/Real Estate Lawyer
Ernesto Antonio Elías Elizondo obtained his law degree with honors from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (1991). His legal practice primarily has been as an in-house legal counsel and external lawyer mainly working for foreign investors in Mexico in the mining and real estate sectors. 
Currently he is the Senior Partner of his own legal firm in Loreto and Mulegé, Baja California Sur, Mexico, where he specializes in assisting US and Canadians citizens in their real estate affairs in Mexico. 


Christian Batista Corona – First Mexican Title

Trust expert, responsible for inter-institutional relations between trustees, notaries and closing agencies. Currently works hard in the municipality of Loreto, B.C.S and its surroundings.