Todd & Lisa

Todd & Lisa have been property owner’s in San Sebastian Cove North of Loreto for the last 5 years.  Todd owns and operates Encompass Financial Services, a family business now run by his son in WA, that offers accounting, tax preparation & advice, investment products, insurance, and Real Estate Brokerage services.  He is a CPA and a Certified Financial Planner and hold numerous other licenses.

Lisa has been in the banking industry for the last 15 years and recently left her positions as branch manager with Key Bank to run Outpost Realty.  She specialized in home & boat loans and is very knowledgeable with the Real Estate industry and the complex funding and closing process it entails.

Together, they have combined experience of over 25 years in the financial industry along with the fortitude and professionalism to makes sure that your Real Estate transaction is smooth and carefree for you.

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Tracy Collingridge Loreto Bay

Tracy Collingridge

Tracy is an accomplished real estate professional with over 17 years experience. She brings a positive and competent attitude to everything she does. Naturally a leader, she brings great determination to the real estate process while ensuring a high level of integrity throughout. Tracy has been involved with a number of luxury resort real estate developments in Canada, USA, and Mexico, and has had the good fortune of working with some of the best sales and marketing companies in the business. From this, and as a long time homeowner in Loreto, she is confident that she can meet her client’s needs and exceed their expectations.

When not working, Tracy can can be found with her partner Jeff, and daughter, Jayla, out enjoying all the benefits that come from living on the Baja. She believes that a balance between selling the dream and living the dream is the key to a successful lifestyle and career.

Tracy very much looks forward to helping her clients and their families make their real estate dreams come true.

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Alexander Ogilvie Loreto Real Estate Agent

Alexander Ogilvie

Alexander’s career in real estate began in Alberta, Canada during the 1980’s. Following that he pursued various career paths, but ultimately found himself drawn back to his original passion of real estate. When he was given the opportunity to take his skillset down to the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, he seized the day and has been operating there ever since.

Alexander became deeply attached to the natural beauty and wonderful people of Baja and so, despite his original pursuit there not panning out as expected, he settled down and opened his own real estate company in La Paz. After discovering the wonders of the hidden gem that is Loreto he pivoted and moved his office there.

More than just a visitor enjoying Loreto’s natural splendor, Alexander calls Loreto his home. Having embraced the local people and culture he has become a regular participant in community building activities and fundraisers that include helping raise funds for museums, wildlife and even a baseball stadium.

As part of the team at Outpost Realty, Alexander has found another place he calls home.  Always happy to assist potential clients, Alexander loves to help others move to this amazing town and enjoy a quality of life that is hard to find anywhere else.

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