Smart Home Renovations That Increase Property Resale Value

Smart Home Renovations That Increase Property Resale Value

Buying a home is an investment. No matter how long you plan to live there, the hope for when you do eventually put your home on the market is that it sells for a higher price. There are many tricks you can use to increase your home’s resale value. From large renovations to small fixes, here are some ways to boost your property value.

Turn up the heat in the kitchen

The kitchen has long been the center of family life, which is why for many buyers finding a functional and modern kitchen is their biggest priority. Any renovations done here have huge payoffs. Creating a welcoming kitchen with a cohesive feel and practical layout is a great way to boost your home’s value.

This does not mean tearing down your kitchen and rebuilding from scratch. Simple fixes like replacing the faucet, cabinet handles and a fresh coat paint are relatively cheap and easy updates that still give it a fresh feel. 

If you can invest some money in your kitchen and want to see an even bigger reward, purchase a new suite of matching appliances. Energy-efficient and smart-tech appliances are surefire ways to catch the buyer’s eye.

Make the bathroom shine

The bathroom receives the most wear and tear out of every room in the house. That’s why, next to the kitchen, updating the bathroom has the largest return on investment.

It’s also a lot cheaper to do so. Most renovations, such as replacing toilet seats, faucets, installing a pedestal sink and deep clean of tile grout can be done by the homeowner to create a different atmosphere.

For the more ambitious DIYers, installing new tiles around the shower or tub is an even better way to craft a new ambiance. Tiling takes time and patience, if you are not feeling confident you should hire out. Poorly done projects by the homeowner can ultimately cost more than if they hired a professional at the start.

Leave it to the experts

Certain projects require a professional’s help. If you want to reconfigure the toilet, sink, or shower location, be sure to hire a plumber. Same is true of adding or reworking any electrical wiring. Or, if you are planning on knocking down a non-support wall to increase the flow of your layout, you should hire a contractor. These experts will efficiently get the job done with minimal damage and ensure it is done to code.

In fact, if you are planning on putting your home on the market soon, it is a good idea to hire an inspector before you do. They will look over your home for faulty wiring, leaky pipes or any other number of maintenance things you may have overlooked. This way you can get it properly repaired on your own terms before there’s a contract in front of you, and the new buyers ask for costly concessions. A well-kept home goes a long way.

Captivate with curb appeal

Homebuyers want a home they can see themselves starting a new chapter. No matter how warm your kitchen or relaxing your bathroom, if you can’t get anyone through the front door to look at it, it’s all for nothing. That’s why you cannot neglect the exterior. The curb appeal is a potential buyer’s first impression of your house.

Keeping the front clean and groomed goes a long way. Planting bright flowers and lush plants can brighten up your home, while a fresh coat of paint on the door and power washing the side of the house can make it look brand new.

The more people who want to come inside and check it out, the better your chances are for getting a higher price for your home.


Mr. Murphy first got into doing DIY projects to save money, but over time he has developed a real passion for this hands-on, intensive work. Check him out at 

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